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Sharpened by experience

In most industries and branches, diecutting is in one way or another connected to a part of the production process. Either with the production of an end product or with the preparation of a semi manufactured product. From packing to packaging, diecutting and diemaking materials or machinery always plays a part in the process. No wonder Sosform has become a familiar face, throughout the years, in many branches where it is a must to be sharp.

Also in your branch.

Everything in our own hands
The sharpness of Sosform can be found in all sections of the company, also in stock supply and the very short delivery times. All common brands and products are available from stock. This offers us the opportunity to always supply you with a high quality alternative, if required. Also the presence of an in-house Technical Service Department quickens the process of your order: installation, training, guidance and service are all in our own hands.


1965 Founded on July 1st, 1965 by Wim van der Schoot. Started with the sale of punches for the shoe- and leather industry.

1968 2nd employee, Hans van Nunen. Delivery program supplemented with plastic and nylon cutting plates.

1969 Entering the graphic industry. Delivery program supplemented with cutting rules and other materials.

1972 3rd employee, financial manager Wim Schwartzmans.

1974 Sosform moves to new building , Eilenbergstraat 7 in Tilbrug. Participation Macropak Utrecht.

1975 Representation: Sandvik.

1976 Representation: Metal Woods and Skomab. Sosform brings out there first catalog.

1977 4th employee, Peter van Dongen. Representation: Viking / Martin Miller and Varo

1979 Representation: Essmann + Schaefer

1982 Representation: Colvis (Italian machine builder)

1984 Sosform taken over by Juan van der Schoot and Hans van Nunen. Collaboration with Jean Pierre Hoefnagels for technical advice, service and maintenance. Representation: CITO

1985 Purchase of the first modern computer. Sales of “probably” the first automatic bending machine in the European market.

1986 Participation Macropak Utrecht, the first European automatic rule processor is introduced Lasertechniek. (yellow-blue)

1988 From the 1st of July Hans van Nunen becomes 100% owner.

1989 First stone is being placed for our current building at industrial estate ‘t Laar.

1990 6 Employees, 25 years of existence.

1991 Jean Pierre Hoefnagels establishes SCEM BV

1994 Representation: Servinform and Trimplex (Kiss Crease and Xpress riltoestelstrips)

1997 Co-organizer next to Bob Larson, of the first European Die Cutting Symposium in Amsterdam.

1998 Representation: Gerdins Sweden

1999 2nd Die Cutting Symposium in Montreux, Switzerland

2000 1st In-house seminar, themed “Stripping technologies” in collaboration with Vossen Profitec.

2002 2nd in-house seminar, themed “Crease and Die cutting Technologies”, in collaboration with CITO. Peter van Dongen 25 years employed. Representation: Metall + Plastic diecutting technologies (former Meurer, today Boxplan).

2003 3rd in-house seminar, themed “Stripping and Blanking Technologies” in cooperation with Metall + Plastic and CITO.

2005 Installation of the 50th automatic rule processor in the Benelux. Representation: Cutlite Penta laser

2006 From the 1st of January Mirko van Nunen becomes 100% owner.

2008 Participation ESU Luxembourg Exhibition, Hans van Nunen 40 years in Sosform.

2009 Founding of Semaform with Marc Kolen for technical advice, service and maintenance.

2010 Participation ESU Luxembourg Exhibition. Representation: Diciesse and Rodicut

2011 Supply Serviform ALTA machine with laser head for lasernicken of high cutting rules for the plastics industry. The first and to date only machine in the world!

2012 75 Serviform machines sold in the Benelux

2013 85% of the automatic rule processors in the Benelux are supplied by Serviform.

2014 Partnership with Zünd Benelux. Sale of plotter at NLR (National Aerospace Laboratory) On the 1st of December Sandvik stops its production of cutting rules.

2015 Sosinform training for diecutter operators. On the 1st of July Sosform celebrates its 50th anniversary. Representation: UM tooling and manual machines.

2016 Purchase of building Charles Stulemeyerweg 12, modernization of building starts

2018 Delivery 1st phase of renovation

2019 Establishment of Tecform, milling and laser machines for the plastic and steel industry. Representation: SD-Italia milling machines and Valiani plotter machines. Opening of renewed business premises

Sosform Benelux B.V. mainly supplies customers in the die making- and boxmaking industry. Our customer cut flexible materials (paper, folding carton, corrugated board, massive board, plastics and leather).

Sosform supplies all materials and machines used to produce a die board and all materials used in the die cutting process. Next to this we can also provide technical trainings, installations and maintenance. With 50 years’ experience in the industry we know our way to your solution.

At this moment we have no vacancies